ISO 10001/ 2/3/4 Customer satisfaction Standards

ISO 10001:2018 provides guidance for planning, designing, developing, implementing, maintaining and improving customer satisfaction codes of conduct. ISO 10001:2018 is applicable to product-related codes containing promises made to customers by an organization concerning its behavior. Such promises and related provisions are aimed at enhanced customer satisfaction. Annex A provides simplified examples of components of codes for different organizations.

ISO 10001:2018 is intended for use by organizations regardless of type, size and product provided, including organizations that design customer satisfaction codes of conduct for use by other organizations. Annex C gives guidance specifically for small businesses.

ISO 10001:2018 does not prescribe the substantive content of customer satisfaction codes of conduct, nor does it address other types of codes of conduct, such as those that relate to the interaction between an organization and its personnel, or between an organization and its suppliers

This ISO has many versions, including:

ISO 10002:2018 customer satisfaction and complaint handling

ISO 10003:2018 customer satisfaction – Guidelines for dispute resolution external to Organizations

ISO 10004:2018 Quality management -- Customer satisfaction -- Guidelines for monitoring and measuring.